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Governing Documents

Attention Homeowners & Realtors
Posted on Feb 5th, 2014 Comments (0)
River Isles is a deed-restricted community.  As homeowners, it is your responsibility to notify your realtors (should you list your home for sale) or any potential buyer (should you be selling the home on your own) about the governing documents for our community (Covenants and Bylaws).  Your copies should be passed along to the buyer.
Realtors, please note we have a new application process in place.  Perspective buyers must attend an informational meeting to learn about the governing documents and acknowledge they have done so.
Please call the River Isles Homeowners Association office for further information (941-747-0157).
Thank you for your cooperation.
River Isles Covenants
Posted on Feb 5th, 2014 Comments (0)
For your convenience, the governing documents of the River Isles community are now available on the navigation bar.  Just click on "Governing Documents" and in addition to Pool Regulations and Social Regulations you will find three (3) pdf links for the Articles of Incorporation, the Covenants in their entirety, and the River Isles Homeowners Association Bylaws.

The Bradenton Police urge all homeowners to call 911 if they see any suspicious persons or activity within our neighborhood. Our vigilance as homeowners will continue to ensure that River Isles remains a safe place to live.


The City of Bradenton Police Department would like to remind motorists that parking a vehicle on a sidewalk is a violation under Florida State Statutes and could result in a ticket for the driver.
Maj. J. J. Lewis of the Bradenton Police Department said officers and parking enforcement officers who observe this sort of violation "do currently cite violators and will continue to do so."  Officers have the option of issuing a $25.00 City of Bradenton parking ticket or a $76.50 fine, as allowed by the State.  The vehicle may be towed if it is not immediately moved.
"Parking a motor vehicle on a sidewalk poses a danger for pedestrians who can either be hit or are forced to walk in traffic to get around the violator's vehicle" Maj. Lewis said.


Links to Local Offices

City of Bradenton
Manatee County Clerk
Manatee Tax Collector
Supervisor of Elections
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