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Clubhouse Regulations


Use of the clubhouse facilities for a private function is restricted to River Isles Homeowners, Affiliate Members, and Tenants (each an "Applicant") in good standing.


1.      A written request to reserve the Clubhouse facilities must be made to the Office Manager, or if absent, to a Board Member.
2.      Regularly scheduled River Isles events and functions will have priority in the use of the facilities. 
3.      An application to reserve the Main Hall may be made by an immediate family member on behalf of the Applicant in residence.
4.      Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
5.      The function MUST BE in honor of the residing Applicant (Anniversary Party, Birthday Party, Farewell Party, Memorial Service).
6.      All necessary table service, decorations, food, etc. will be provided by the Applicant.
7.      The Applicant will be personally responsible for the duration of the function, including set up and clean up.
8.      The Applicant will not permit the serving of alcohol to persons under 21 years of age.
9.      The Applicant will ensure that the Clubhouse will not be used for any function in violation of City, State or Federal ordinances, and will be liable for any legal services.
10.     Resident Applicants with approval to use the Clubhouse assume full responsibility for the conduct of their guests as well as for repair of any damage done and for any special clean-up needed following the function.      
11.    A  $50.00 security deposit is required at the time of application.  The security deposit may be refunded upon finding the facility in good order following inspection by the River Isles Homeowners Association designee.
12.    Equipment and/or property of RIHOA may not be loaned for any purpose. Use of the Clubhouse facilities is restricted to the Main Hall, Restrooms and Kitchen. All other areas are not to be used (Beverage Room, Library, Exercise Room, Game Room, Shuffleboard Area, Pool and surrounding areas).
13.   Approved Applicants will furnish a Certificate of Homeowners Insurance. If Applicant is a Tenant, the Homeowner must also provide a Certificate of Insurance.
14.   If Applicant is a Tenant, the Homeowner is ultimately responsible for complying with these Regulations.
Revised: 8/06/18
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