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Governing Documents

A hearty welcome to the River Isles Website. Take a few minutes to review in narratives and pictures all the amenities and highlights of importance. You will soon learn why we so love our community. Check back periodically to stay updated and informed. Contact us with your comments and suggestions, they are always appreciated.
We pleased to advise the electrical power has been restored today throughout River Isles, including the clubhouse and Office. The swimming pool will remain closed until the pool service has checked the pool water and ensures the chemicals are at their proper levels. 
We appreciate your patience during our efforts to get all services back to normal.
The Homeowner Association Membership meeting, Golf Association Board and General Membership meetings have been cancelled for the month of September.
Updated 9/16/17, 6:00 p.m.
~ Upcoming Events ~
R.I.G.A. Golf Fees Due
Thursday, September 7th to Thursday, October 5th
Your check for the quarterly $130 golf fees are due and payable October 1st. Mail your check to 1014 Baytree Road, Suite #1, Bradenton, FL 34208 or drop in the slot for the golf office in the mailroom.
R.I.H.O.A. Maintenance Fees
Thursday, September 7th to Thursday, October 5th
The fourth quarter maintenance fee of $150 is due October 1st. Please be sure to send your voucher to BB&T Bank along with your check. Remember, there is a late fee of $25 for anything not paid on time.
Flu Shot Clinic
Wednesday, October 18th, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon at Clubhouse Main Hall
For your convenience, there will be a Flu Shot Clinic held here, sponsored by Walgreens Drug Store. Shots are free. Just bring your insurance card or Medicare card. (Note: Each shot given will provide a shot for a mission clinic.) Please see the social bulletin board for more information and sign-up sheet. The sign-up sheet is for an approximate count of participants.