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Social Regulations

1. Homeowners Association members who pay the advertised assessed cost for the event may attend and participate in any social function held at the Recreation Facility by the Association.
2. Attendance in hall cannot exceed 320 persons.  If attendance of the homeowners equals 320, no guests will be allowed.  If the homeowners attending are less than 320 the number of guests invited shall not exceed the legal limit of 320.  The Chairperson shall be responsible for that determination.  Homeowners will be given preference.
3. Residents of Rivers Isles may bring up to four (4) guests per household to attend Thanksgiving Dinner, Hanging of the Greens Celebration and Christmas Dinner.  The guests will pay the listed guest price. (Amended 04/02/2012)
4. Any eligible member of the Association who is living alone may invite an adult guest to any social function at the same fee paid by the Member.
5. No smoking is permitted inside the clubhouse at any time.
6. If the Board of Directors extends invitations to City or County Officials to attend any social function, the Association shall pay expenses thereby incurred.
7. Associate members of the R.I.G.A. shall have resident status when attending golf-sponsored activities at the River Isles facilities.
8. Should a member wish to have an exception made to any of the above regulations, the member should request the exception in writing addressed to the President, who shall place it on the agenda for action at the next Board of Directors meeting.  The request must be signed and should state the reasons (s) for the requested exception.
9.  Any participating member of the Social Event Committee will be charged (1/2) of the resident rate at the Chairperson's discretion.  (Amended 02/2012)
Amended 1/82, 1/86, 4/86, 5/92 and 4/06.