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Website Updates
Posted on Jan 6th, 2019 Comments (0)

I’ve been creating websites for groups for several years, and there are many ways a website can help us communicate and share information with one another. The nice thing about websites is you can use as much of it as you want, and ignore the features you don’t care about.   

The first changes we are making relate to website security. I want to assure you that our site was always a “secure” site (which means the address begins with “https”), but we are in the process of adding encryption and an SSL Certificate. This is the “gold standard” in website security.

Not only is the site secure, but we place our personal information on private “MEMBERS ONLY” pages that require a user name and log-in to visit. If you have in the past shared a log-in, our updates are going to require separate user names and passwords for each member.

We have 373 homes in River Isles and, theoretically, two members in most households; however, only 27 people have accessed the website in the last 30 days. If you have attempted to sign on and have had problems, please give me a call at 936-203-6862. I am happy to help anyone learn how to use the site’s features; and if there is interest, I would be willing to offer classes at the clubhouse.

Be watching for new pages and helpful tools. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome!

Wendy Leonard
River Isles HOA Webmaster

Attention Homeowners & Realtors
Posted on Feb 5th, 2014 Comments (0)
River Isles is a deed-restricted community.  As homeowners, it is your responsibility to notify your realtors (should you list your home for sale) or any potential buyer (should you be selling the home on your own) about the governing documents for our community (Covenants and Bylaws).  Your copies should be passed along to the buyer.
Realtors, please note we have a new application process in place.  Perspective buyers must attend an informational meeting to learn about the governing documents and acknowledge they have done so.
Please call the River Isles Homeowners Association office for further information (941-747-0157).
Thank you for your cooperation.
River Isles Covenants
Posted on Feb 5th, 2014 Comments (0)
For your convenience, the governing documents of the River Isles community are now available on the navigation bar.  Just click on "Governing Documents" and in addition to Pool Regulations and Social Regulations you will find three (3) pdf links for the Articles of Incorporation, the Covenants in their entirety, and the River Isles Homeowners Association Bylaws.